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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Natural Health Professionals Online?

Natural Health Professionals Online provides you with the ability to have a thorough Naturopathic Health Consultation with a fully qualified and experienced Naturopath via video call, anywhere in Australia.

We provide a platform for affordable, individualised, and in-depth health consultations tailored to your personal needs and circumstances with a focus on promoting optimal health and wellbeing. The ultimate benefit of Natural Health Professionals Online is the convenience to patients. No need to travel anywhere - simply "Book an Online Consult" from the convenience of your own home!

All our Natural Health Professionals Online Practitioners hold a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Naturopathy, they are fully qualified, insured and hold up to date professional memberships with their Australian Practitioner Associations.

What can I use Natural Health Professionals Online for?

Our Naturopaths conduct a thorough health assessment combining traditional naturopathic approaches, rigorous scientific research, and conventional testing methods. When clinically appropriate, your practitioner will provide an individualised holistic treatment plan and prescription, incorporating herbal, nutritional, or flower essence therapy, along with dietary and lifestyle counselling and modifications. This may also include Pathology Requests and Referrals to other Health professionals.

The consults are charged according to the duration of the consult. Just like any consultation if you were to visit a local medical clinic. You will have a consultation where the practitioner will ask about your health history, symptoms and any other details required, so they can make an informed decision as to whether the consult will result in a treatment plan, prescription or Pathology Requests and Referrals being supplied.

Can anyone use this service?

You must be within Australia and be 18 years old or over to use the Natural Health Professionals Online service . If you are under the age of 18, you can only access and use the service with the consent of, a parent or guardian.

If you have an underage child who you are the parent/guardian of, who needs to speak to a Natural Health Practitioner, you need to sign up an account for your child and request the consult through your child's profile.

Need more information? Talk to a member of our support team by emailing...

How much will the consult cost and how do I pay?

Our payment options are Credit Card via eWay.

Naturopathic Consults are NOT currently covered by Private Health Insurers or Medicare.

The Initial Health Review (90 minutes)
The Follow Up Health Review (45 minutes)
The Brief Check-up (for current clients only) (15 minutes)
The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Pathology Test (90 minutes)
The Pre-conception Check-up (90 minutes)
The Personalised Blood Chemistry Review (60 minutes)

The consultations are automatically timed and billed. Your nominated payment method made on booking your consultation will be automatically charged upon the completion of your online booking.

What technology do I need to use Natural Health Professionals Online?

Your Online Consult can be conducted via Facetime, Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype. You will need access to either a Wi-Fi internet connection or a mobile data internet connection.

After 3 weeks, I had my blood tests redone and the results were amazing - my GP was baffled and there was no need to see a specialist!
Thank you Natural Health Professionals Online for showing me how quickly and easily blood biochemistry can change and helping me restore balance to my life!
Natural Health Professionals Online has been instrumental in helping me feel much more energy and much healthier.
After 3 weeks, I feel so much better and without my Practitioners advice, my symptoms most probably would have gotten worse and worse, until I had something more serious to deal with.
My Naturopath gave me clear and concise advice and instructions. I highly recommend Natural Health Professionals Online.
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